The DWWA Buyers’ Report provides invaluable commercial feedback to help DWWA medal winners maximise sales opportunities in the UK market

As part of the evaluation process, wines which the buyers agree are already suitable for distribution in the UK market are included on the Decanter Recommends list — a list of award-winning wines seeking distribution in the UK which have been buyer-approved and Decanter endorsed.


The buying panel will be presented with each individual wine and will assess the wines’ suitability for the UK market, taking into consideration:

  • The wine’s overall branding – including label design, packaging and closure


The wine will then be tasted* and benchmarked with comparable wines within the UK market, factoring in:

  • The grape varieties used
  • The style of wine
  • The wine’s price point value

*Wines will not be scored again, as this result was determined as part of DWWA


The buying panel will then recommend the ideal:

  • Distribution channel strategy
  • Consumer target market and general positioning


An overall qualitative analysis of the wine will be provided, alongside a bespoke quote about the wine’s commercial suitability for the UK market. Producers are encouraged to submit their own question for the buyers’ to answer.

All entrants will then receive a personalised feedback report containing:

  • A detailed assessment of your wine and its commercial potential from leading UK buyers with purchasing influence
  • Channel strategy and route-to-market recommendations
  • Benchmarking analysis with similar wines already in the UK market
  • A review of the packaging and its channel suitability
  • Quotes attributed to Decanter that can be used in commercial/promotional materials

Some entrants will also be recommended by Decanter for distribution in the UK market

The Decanter Recommends: Producers seeking distribution in the UK market list will include:

Producer and wine name, DWWA medal & score, RRP, Decanter-recommended distribution channel/s, quote from the DWWA Buyers’ Report and producer contact details (with consent)

  • Entries the expert panel agree are up to mark for distribution in the UK market (i.e. feedback from the report confirms commercial viability) will be included in a Decanter Recommends list to feature DWWA medal winners seeking distribution in the UK market
  • Decanter will recommend these buyer-approved wines to the UK trade as worthwhile additions to an agent, importer or distributor’s portfolio
  • This Decanter Recommends list will be featured on, UK trade newsletters and promoted across Decanter Awards social media channels to garner the attention of distributors in the UK market, and give extensive coverage to successful entrants seeking representation.

Entries that the buyers agree are not yet suitable for the UK market (e.g. the pricing structure, packaging, etc. needs adjustment) will not be included on the Decanter Recommends list. Entrants will receive this constructive feedback in their personalised feedback report to understand what changes the expert panel suggests for success in the UK market.