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The Decanter at Home experience isn't just a series of masterclasses, we've also filmed and curated a playlist of watchable content covering a wide range of enlightening insights, exclusive interviews, and topics to discover.


Synopsis: Peter Gago, the unassuming orchestrator behind one of the world’s most famous range of red wines, Penfolds, was recently inducted into the Decanter Hall of Fame. Watch our exclusive interview with him and get to know this legend in more depth.

Featuring: Peter Gago (Chief Winemaker, Penfolds)

An interview with Anthony Symington of Symington Family Estates

Rhône en primeur: Behind the scenes with Matt Walls

Synopsis: Rhône correspondent Matt Walls takes Decanter viewers on an exclusive look behind the scenes during his annual en primeur 'first taste' trip to the Rhône Valley. Among the Northern Rhône's beautiful vines and in its historic cellars, Matt explains the processes of tasting en primeur, what he looks for in these young wines at the very beginning of their life and speaks with the winemakers presenting their new 2020 wines. Featuring the appellations of Hermitage, Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu, Matt takes us on an immersive journey revealing the secrets and intricacies behind this unique tasting.

Featuring: Matt Walls (DWWA Regional Chair for Rhône, Decanter Contributor)

Burgundy en primeur: Behind the scenes with Charles Curtis MW

Synopsis: Don't miss this unique opportunity to see what happens during Burgundy's famous en primeur tastings. Decanter films Charles Curtis MW during his annual visit to the region's hallowed vineyards and cellars where he'll taste more than 1,000 wines over a three-week period. Here he reveals how these young wines are assessed, what he's looking for in terms of drinkability and ageability and speaks to winemakers in Gevrey-Chambertin, Nuits-Saint-Georges and Pernand-Vergelesses about their 2020 vintage.

Featuring: Charles Curtis MW (Decanter Contributor)

An inside look at wine auctions with Christie's

Synopsis: Take a look inside this world renowned auction house, to discover what it takes to be an auctioneer and how they source some of the world's most valuable and rare wines. Plus an exclusive look at their wine auction coming up on 2 & 3 December, which includes some outstanding bottles from the Decanter World Wine Awards, with all proceeds going to charity.

Featuring: Tim Triptree MW (International Director for Wine & Spirits, Christie's), Charlie Foley (Specialist & Auctioneer, Christie's)

Image credit: Christie's images Ltd. 2021

A tour of Tasmanian winemaking philosophy with Dalrymple Vineyards

Synopsis: Tasmania: an island state that is home to less than 1% of Australia’s vineyards. A tiny proportion (just 0.1%) of its wine is exported, but there is nonetheless a huge buzz surrounding its cool-climate potential. Tasmania is known for growing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Riesling – but what  distinguishes it from other wine regions? Join Peter Caldwell, vigneron of Dalrymple Vineyards, as he enthralls you with  Tasmania’s hyperlocal wine culture and reveals what the future holds for the island’s winemaking.

Featuring: Peter Caldwell (Vigneron, Dalrymple Vineyards)

An exclusive interview with Peter Gago

Synopsis: Peter Gago, the unassuming orchestrator behind one of the world’s most famous range of red wines, Penfolds, was recently inducted into the Decanter Hall of Fame. Watch our exclusive interview with him and get to know this legend in more depth.

Featuring: Peter Gago (Chief Winemaker, Penfolds)

265 Years of experience in glass

Synopsis: Known for the creation and development of varietal-specific stemware, Riedel was the first in history to recognize that the taste and aroma of a beverage is affected by the shape of the vessel from which it is consumed. If anyone knows about glassware, it is Riedel.

Specially filmed for Decanter, CEO and eleventh generation, Maximilian Riedel will show you behind the scenes. He will guide you through their production process, offering you insight into the history and heritage of this world renowned glassware company.

Featuring: Maximilian Riedel (CEO, Riedel)

Why bees lead to better wine with Chêne Bleu

Synopsis: Nicole Rolet, Principal of Chêne Bleu, believes in collaboration rather than competition, and remains deeply committed to reconciling business success, social responsibility, ethical and sustainable practices.

To create ecologically sustainable vineyards it has become increasingly more important to nurture a strong bee-oriented ecosystem to protect them. Learn the ins-and-out of bee-keeping and how they can positively affect the wine making process.

Featuring: Nicole Rolet (Principal, Chêne Bleu), Amy Wislocki (Decanter Regional Editor)

Garçon Wines: what does the future hold for sustainability in wine?

Synopsis: The existing carbon footprint of wine is unsustainable. Taken together, glass production and wine transport account for 68% of wine’s carbon footprint, so it is in these two areas that decarbonisation is most urgent. Wine lovers across the world need to understand more about the sustainability of the wine they drink so that they can make informed choices. Production, packaging, transport: what else can be done by the wine industry to help global efforts to mitigate climate change?

Featuring: Santiago Navarro (CEO & Co-Founder, Garçon Wines) and Victoria Kwok (Commercial Strategy Lead, Garçon Wines)

An exclusive interview with Thibault Jacquet of Domaine Bonneau du Martray

Synopsis: Thibault Jacquet is the manager behind Domaine Bonneau du Martay - now synonymous with some of the most captivating wines from the Grand Crus of Corton-Charlemagne and Corton. Watch our exclusive interview with him about the exciting new era of this outstanding Burgundian domaine.

Featuring: Thibault Jacquet (Manager, Bonneau du Martray), Charles Curtis MW (Burgundy Expert & Decanter Contributor)

An interview with Philippe Guigal of E Guigal

Synopsis: Born in 1975, Philippe represents the third generation at E Guigal and took over the winemaking reins at the domaine in 1997. Join Decanter’s Matt Walls and Philippe as they discuss what developments are happening in the Rhône and at Guigal.

Featuring: Philippe Guigal (Estate Manager and Winemaker, E Guigal), Matt Walls (DWWA Regional Chair for Rhône, Decanter Contributor)

An interview with Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal of Château Angelus

Synopsis: Stéphanie is the third woman to preside over the Château Angelus estate after Catherine Sophie de Boüard de Laforest in 1800 and Eugénie Chatenet in 1900. She says "The commitment for me is almost like a priestly vocation, which I take up with faith, passion and gratitude."

Featuring: Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal (Co-owner & CEO, Château Angelus), Jane Anson (DWWA Regional Chair for Bordeaux)

An interview with Pierre & Hélène Seillan of Vérité

Synopsis: Get to know father and daughter duo, Pierre & Hélène Seillan - Pierre has crafted the wines of Vérité since 1998, and under his leadership Hélène, his daughter, has stepped into the role of assistant winemaker at the estate to usher in the next generation.

Featuring: Pierre Seillan (Head Winemaker, Vérité), Hélène Seillan (Assistant Winemaker, Vérité), Clare Tooley MW (Decanter Contributor)

An interview with Federico Ceretto of Ceretto

Synopsis: The man with the suitcase and huge ambition. Federico is always ready to board a plane and travel to one of the 60 countries where Ceretto wines are present. Outside of his job and his travels, one of his greatest passions in his spare time is taking care of his house next to the family's Barolo winery in Castiglione Falletto. At Bricco Rocche he loves to welcome clients to continue talking about wines and good food in a more relaxed and familiar context with his children, Alma Sofia and Tommaso and his wife Manuela.

Featuring: Federico Ceretto (CEO, Aziende Vitivinicole Ceretto), Michaela Morris (Italian Expert & Decanter Contributor)

An interview with Francesca Vaira of GD Vajra

Synopsis: At the age of two Francesca was found in the Vajra cellars trying to sip a few drops of wine, fresh from the barrels. Whether this episode had an influence or not, Francesca has now developed a terrific palate and is an exceptional blind taster, gifted by curiosity, and has an amazing memory and intuition.

Featuring: Francesca Vaira (Ambassador & Spokesperson, GD Vajra), Michaela Morris (Italian Expert & Decanter Contributor)

An interview with Mariacristina Oddero of Oddero

Synopsis: At this moment in Oddero’s history, Mariacristina represents the generation between that of her father, Giacomo Oddero, and her niece and son, Isabella and Pietro. “They are the future of our company, and I am extremely happy about this future, as I imagine my father is too.”

Featuring: Mariacristina Oddero (Proprietor, Oddero), Michaela Morris (Italian Expert & Decanter Contributor)

An interview with Anthony Symington of Symington Family Estates

Synopsis: The Symington family owns and runs four of the leading Port houses, Graham's, Dow's, Warre's, and Cockburn's, as well as being pioneers in the great red table wines of the Douro, producing wines such as Quinta do Vesuvio, the Altano range and Chryseia in partnership with the Prats family. Listen to Richard Mayson interview fifth generation member of the Symington Family, Anthony, who takes responsibility for the UK Market.

Featuring: Anthony Symington (Brand Manager, Symington Family Estates), Richard Mayson (DWWA Regional Chair for Port & Madeira)

An interview with Dave Roper of Villa Maria

Synopsis: Dave grew up in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty, the son of two science teacher parents. He holds a degree in microbiology from the Auckland University of Technology and a certificate in winemaking from the Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawkes Bay.

Featuring: Dave Roper (Senior Auckland Winemaker, Villa Maria), Cameron Douglas MS (DWWA Regional Chair for New Zealand)

Bordeaux Index - How to invest

Synopsis: Are you interested in investing in wine but not sure where to start? 
Decanter speaks to Matt O’Connell - CEO, LiveTrade & Head of Investment - on how Bordeaux Index helps people invest in world-class wine. In addition, he answers other burning questions including how much money do you need to start investing and how long might it take for wine to become profitable. The pursuit for a return on investment is on...

Featuring: Matt O’Connell (CEO, LiveTrade & Head of Investment)

Bordeaux Index - How to buy en primeur 

Synopsis: Are you considering buying ‘en primeur’? Bordeaux Index Buyer Giles Cooper unlocks the mystery and investment opportunities of wine. Here he reveals how best to approach buying wine en primeur, explains how the system works and reveals the growing number of regions which are selling wines in this way. An unmissable insight into an increasingly popular trend. 

Featuring: Giles Cooper (Buyer, Bordeaux Index)

Bordeaux Index - How to create & manage your cellar or collection 

Synopsis: Live Trade’s Matt O’Connell returns with a video guide about storing wine offering helpful tips for those seeking to store their collections at home or in professional storage.  Whether you have an enviable collection of fine wines or not, this intel will give you the perfect excuse to start collecting. 

Featuring: Matt O’Connell (CEO, LiveTrade & Head of Investment)

Bordeaux Index - How to use a wine trading platform

Synopsis: If you’re new to investing in fine wine then this episode is for you. LiveTrade from Bordeaux Index is the only trading platform of its kind but how does it actually work? CEO Matt O’Connell recaps from the very beginning - you’ll learn the real basics when it comes to using a trading platform for wine including all the essential vocab. He will then provide a captivating real life example of a trade to really show us the ropes.

Featuring: Matt O’Connell (CEO, LiveTrade & Head of Investment)

Holiday Food & Wine Pairings with Fiona Beckett

Synopsis: The drinks to pair with your festive food has just gotten easier with the help from Decanter Contributing Editor, Fiona Beckett. Watch Fiona's guide to Christmas food and wine matching - from the first pop of the cork to the cheeseboard at the end, we have Decanter reader’s wine choices wines to fit the bill.

Featuring: Fiona Beckett (Contributing Editor, Decanter)

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