Exclusively for Decanter World Wine Awards 2024 medal winners, the DWWA Market Guide is a Decanter-recommended buying guide for wine buyers, importers and distributors in the UK.

Facilitating buyer-to-producer conversations, have your award-winning wines listed on this guide to fast-track conversations with buyers who are interested in your wines.



Decanter will distribute the DWWA Market Guide to its network of leading buyers, importers and distributors in the UK as a recommended buying guide for wines seeking representation in the UK.


Buyers will receive key wine details needed to make informed buying decisions, including ex-cellar pricing, production volumes, certifications, contact information, tasting notes and more.


When a wine is of interest or the right fit for a portfolio, buyers will contact producers, creating meaningful business conversations that lead to getting your wines listed in the UK.


Get your award-winning wines in front of the right buying audience with full transparency that you are looking for representation in the UK market.

Increase your chances of securing representation in the competitive UK market with Decanter's support, recommending your awarded wines to its established UK trade network.

Save valuable company time, efforts and costs involved in pitching and approaching potential buyers where the fit with your product and a buyers' portfolio is not aligned.