Decanter Taste with the Experts is designed to inspire, educate and entertain through monthly tastings of a different theme.

Hosted by a Decanter tasting expert, you will learn how to score wines with the Decanter Guarantee.  

All wines are initially tasted blind while the Decanter expert then talks through how to score a wine during a simulated Panel Tasting. The wines are then revealed and further discussed.

Tastings are held in the controlled environment of Decanter’s Tasting Suite: a quiet, purposely designed room, with plenty of natural light. 


Tasters rate the wines using the 100-point scoring system.

The overall Decanter rating is the average of all three judges’ scores.

The ratings are as follows:

98-100: Exceptional
A great, exceptional and profound wine

95-97: Outstanding
An excellent wine of great complexity and character

90-94: Highly Recommended
A very accomplished wine, with impressive complexity

86-89: Recommended
A well-made, straightforward and enjoyable wine

83-85: Commended
An acceptable, simple wine with limited personality

76-82 Fair
Correctly made, if unexciting

70-75 Poor
Unbalanced and/or bland with no character

50-69 Faulty
Displays winemaking faults