Billecart-Salmon was first and foremost the result of a union. A union between Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon who, in 1818 and just married, founded their own Champagne house in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, a village near Epernay. At their side was Louis Salmon, Elisabeth's brother, a passionate oenologist. Today, Mathieu Roland-Billecart, the 7th generation of the family, heads the house. 

Two centuries have passed since the creation of Billecart-Salmon champagnes, yet its motto remains unchanged: "give priority to quality, strive for excellence". Billecart-Salmon is known for its haute couture viticulture shaped by a passion for the Champagne terroir. Over 40 Champagne crus are selected from vineyards covering more than 300 hectares. Among them about 100 hectares belong to the house and its shareholders.

The house is certified as “sustainable viticulture in Champagne” for its winemaking and high environmental value.
The wines from Billecart-Salmon possess power and remarkable elegance thanks to vinification in oak which were reintroduced in 1996 and now represent a major component in the vinification process. 

In 1958 it developed a winemaking method that was revolutionary for the time – a longer, cooler fermentation, inspired by traditional beer brewers, followed by cold settling to make the wines fresher and more crystalline.

After the creation of a cellar containing more than 400 oak casks in 2010, the house unveiled its brand-new cellar in 2018 containing 24 large oak casks. Combined with vinification in steel tanks, the use of oak wood widens the range of aromas and achieves Champagne blends of greater complexity.