Saturday, June 18 | 10:30am - 11:45am

The House of Krug invites Champagne lovers to discover the dream of its founder, Joseph Krug through a tasting of six Champagnes emblematic of this unique craftsmanship with Cellar Master Julie Cavil.

The year 2008 will be particularly honoured through “Les Créations de 2008”: Krug 2008 and Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition, two expressions of nature crafted around the harvest of 2008. 

You will also have the opportunity to discover the dream of Joseph Krug recreated for the 170th time, Krug Grande Cuvée 170ème Edition, alongside the legendary Krug Clos du Mesnil 2006, a Champagne that combines outstanding purity and freshness with tension, vivacity, and great balance. 

This masterclass is unmissable for all Champagne and Krug fanatics alike.


  • Krug Grande Cuvée 170ème Edition 
  • Krug Clos du Mesnil 2006
  • Krug 2006
  • Krug Grande Cuvée 162ème Edition 
  • Krug 2008
  • Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Edition 


Price: $295 per ticket
Time: 10:30am - 11:45am 


Julie Cavil - Cellar Master, Champagne KRUG

Born in the centre region of France, Julie was raised in an area devoid of viticulture, where a winemaking profession was but a distant possibility. After a brief, but successful, career in communications and advertising, Julie moved to Champagne with her husband in 2002 where she undertook three years of studies to become an oenologist, graduating with a national oenology diploma from the University of Reims, Champagne-Ardenne.
Julie then worked on the vinification of four harvests at Moët & Chandon, after which she joined the House of Krug in 2006 as winemaker and member of the Tasting Committee. In 2017, she became Winemaking Director before becoming Cellar Master of the House in 2020, after 13 harvests at Krug.

Georgina Hindle - Editor, Decanter Premium